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For those who want to do it themselves and are looking for an institutional grade tool to help guide them.

This is also for someone who would like to test out the system to see if it's right for them before upgrading to the data assisted package.

This plan does not include financial advice.
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  • Unlimited Bank, Credit Card, Investment Company, Insurance Company Daily Updates
  • Full Access - Social Security and Medicare Decision Center
  • Full Access - Investment Decision Center
  • Full Access - Distribution Decision Center
  • Full Access - Tax Decision Center

Simple Set Up

$299.00 One Time

LESS Than $1,000,000 in Investments

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For someone who has a small number of accounts but would like assistance from one of our data entry experts getting all accounts connected, as well as, goals, taxes, and risk analysis data input. This does not include financial advice and is only for those wanting assistance in set up. 

This plan does not include financial advice.

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Every Feature in the Free Plan 


  • Our Data Experts will create your plan, add your goals, connect your accounts, and create your what-if scenarios
  • You get up to one hour of personal data training on how to use and operate your entire automated plan
  • You get access to our full Advanced Video Training Library

Advanced Set Up

$599.00 One Time

MORE Than $1,000,000 in Investments

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Set Up Plus is designed for the person who has more than $1,000,000 in investment assets. This may include cash, cds, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, rental real estate and even operating businesses.  The fee covers setting up the program, connecting the accounts, and creating all the goals, what-if scenarios, distribution strategies, and tax options. 

This plan does not include financial advice.

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ADVANCED SET UP Every Feature in the Simple Set Up Plan PLUS 

  • You get up to two hours of personal data training on how to use and operate your entire automated plan
  • 25% discounts on Tax Prep* 
  • 25% discounts on Asset Protection Creation - Nevada LLCs, Nevada Asset Protection Trusts*
  • 25% Discount on Business Sale Set Up*
  • 25% Discount on a Full Licensed Financial Planner Assisted Retirement Plan **

Guided Coaching

Starting at $15.95 a month to $29.95

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If you have set up the program yourself, or hired our data experts to set it up for you, this plan will help keep your plan on track. During the year, many things will change such as interest rates, tax laws and rates, Social Security, insurance, risk, cash flows, etc. It is important that you plan adjusts with all of life's changes in order to keep you on track to your goals. The data support plan will allow you unlimited email and chat support, as well as a monthly  30 minutes check-in phone conference to keep you on track to your goals

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Which Plan Fits You?

Simple Plan or Advanced Plan

Level I

Under $1,000,000

  • $15.95 a month or $120.00 annually

Level II

Over $1,000,000 Net Worth

$39.95 a month or $297.00 annually


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Starting at $15.95 

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