• Financial Education and Coaching

    Start Your Wealth Journey

  • Your Wealth Journey Begins

    If you set out on a Journey - do you want to try to navigate

    it on your own?

    Of would you rather have a seasoned Guide to help you

    avoid the dangers and pitfalls most do-it-yourself people face?

  • Independent and Personal Coaching

    With a Personal Financial Coach - you have someone to guide you through the pitfalls of the Money Jungle

  • What does a great coach do?

    • Journals
    • Tracks
    • Organizes
    • Keeps Wiser Retire Online updated
    • Keeps personal accountable
    • Helps coordinate the pros if needed
      • Financial Planners
      • Accountants
      • Insurance People
      • Lawyers
      • Portfolio Managers
  • Our Financial
    Have A Process

    Our coaches have been trained in accurate

    date input, tracking and reporting.

    Matching this with your goals is essential

    to helping you achieve your Wealth Journey 

Guided Support and Coaching Options

According to an Acefitness.com, a  study of a the power of a coach was done with a group of overweight people.

First they were split into two groups.  The group with a health coach lost 10% more weight than the group that didn't have a coach. 

Our Financial Coaches are trained in financial goal structure, strategies and management,  and can  help you stay on track.  Part of staying on track is keeping your plan up to day and staying the course.  In addition to helping you stay on track, the Financial Coach can also coordinate and connect you with Licensed Financial Advisors, Portfolio managers, tax accountants, and lawyers.

What does a support coach do?

  • Keeps Wiser Retire Online up to date for you
  • Keeps track of your goals and your progress to your goals
  • Notifies you when you are off track
  • Gives coaching sessions on your progress and where you have gotten off track
  • Keeps you and your financial, tax and legal documents organized through Wiser Retire Online
  • Assures you stay on track with:
    • Assuring you keep your legal documents updated
    • Assuring you are bidding your insurance policies annually
    • You are keeping the right records and taking advantage of tax strategies recommended to you from your financial planner
    • Assuring you are planning out for your financial goals and following the guidelines set by your financial planner
  • If needed, coordinates you with:
    • Your Financial Planner
    • Your Tax Planner
    • Your Tax Preparer
    • Your Insurance and Risk Manager
    • Your Portfolio Manager
    • Your Lawyer

Level I Support and Coaching

For those clients that need someone to make sure they are checking in, following their plans and keeping on track, we offer Support and Guided Coaching.  The technology continues to  make the recommendations but this subscription pairs technology support,  data support,  as well as a check-in to assure that the program is set up correctly.  We explain this like driving an automobile.  You still have to drive,  but we will provide the maintenance on your automobile to assure you are always in good working order and get to your desired destination.

  • Up to 2 thirty minute check in sessions a year
  • Unlimited email support and chat support for your technology and data connections.
  • Access to our Financial Educational Video Library (FEV)

Monthly Plan


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Annual Plan


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Level II Support and Coaching

If you are the person that needs more frequent check-ins to keep you on track, then Level II is best.  Level II is also best for more robust plans.  If you have more than $500,000 in investment assets, own a business, rental properties or have trusts,  you need more check-ins.
You may also need more access to tools to evaluate risk,  tax or even business decisions.  You may also desire phone support over email or chat.
  • Up to 4 thirty minutes check in phone sessions a year
  • Access to our tax modeling software for personal income taxes
  • Access to our risk assessment and analysis for investments system
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited chat support
  • Unlimited phone support 

Support is limited to your online tool and data entry and connections.  This level does not give individual investment, tax or business advice as your technology tool is designed to provide this to you.

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Annual Plan


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Disclosures.  The coaching program does not offer investment advice.  The coach will help you set up your goals and monitor your goals.  During your check-in, the coach will review with you the goals you have entered and how you are progressing.  The coach may recommend to speak with a tax specialist, an investment specialist, a lawyer or an insurance specialist. The annual plan allows cancellation at any time with no penalties.  There is no refund for unused months but the plan will not renew on the next anniversary.  The monthly plan allows cancellation at any time. There is not a refund for unused days but the plan will simply not renew on the next monthly charge date.  You are responsible for the decision on who your hire to assist you with taxes, legal advice, portfolio advice and financial planning advice.