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  • The Distribution Stage

    If you are here, you are at the stage in your life where you have either reached the age to retire, or you have received a lump sum of money and are not planning on returning to a job.  You have very different decisions to make than someone trying to accumulate money

Why Isn't The Financial Industry Teaching Distribution? 

Loss Of Fees

Financial Institutions are in the business of gathering and holding onto money.  Most advisors are not properly trained on strategic distribution options. If the banks and brokerage companies taught you how to withdraw money, they would lose fees.  

Under Educated

Very few CPAs, Lawyers or Financial Advisors have be educated in strategic distributions.  It takes an advisor with advanced training to integrate tax, legal, investment, insurance and strategic distributions. 

Disorganized Advice

Most advice is performed in silos.  You run to see your lawyer, then your CPA, then your insurance agent and finally your financial advisor.  How does each of these advisors communicate or do they at all?  Without a totally coordinated set of advisors, you are the one left to make sure your plan is coordinated. 

No Tax Or Legal Advice

Most Financial Advisors work for companies that do not allow them to talk about or plan using tax strategies.  You can see this on the bottom of statements and email signatures stating "We do not offer any legal or tax advice".  If a retirement planner cannot offer tax advice, then how can they plan? 

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Are You Really Ready For Retirement?

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How Using Technology We Can Simplify And Automate Our Financial Future

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What Challenges Will You Face?  

  • Reductions In Social Security
  • Decreased Medicare Coverage
  • Running Out Of Money
  • Elimination of Stretch IRA
  • Increased Tax Brackets
  • Insurance Cost Increase
  • Recession Based Volatility
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Estate Tax Back in 2025
  • Political Investment Risk
  • World Virus Risk
  • Increased Pension Failures
  • Higher Investment Risk
  • Lack of Distribution Advice

12 Million Older American Will Need Long Term Care in 2020

With just one spouse needing Long Term Care at an average of $79,000 per year, running out of money is a big risk. 

47% Of Retirees are Forced Into Retirement. 

Almost half of people retiring have to because they are laid off, have health care problems or have to take care of a sick parent or spouse. 

In the 2008 Recession and Stock Crash over 60% of People Had To Add An Additional Ten Years To Work To Be Able To Retire

For those that either did not have a plan or took too much investment risk, 2008 - 2009 caused irreparable harm.  Certain Investments that were promoted  by financial institutions as being safe - went bankrupt. 

Those With Sizable Retirement Accounts Are At The Greatest Risk 

If you have saved money into before tax retirement accounts with the intent of taking money out at a lower tax bracket than what you were in when working, you will be disappointed. Recent changes can cause up to a 100% increase in the tax paid on retirement accounts. Also, due to the recent SECURE act, the tax effect to children has increased.

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What About Risk

Have you ever been told by a financial advisor that your investments are either conservative, moderate or aggressive?  What does that really mean?  Does your speedometer in your car say slow, moderate or fast?  Of course not!  You need to know exactly how fast you are going!  It's the same with your investments,  you need to know the actual risk you are taking.  While the financial industry usually masks the real risk, you need to find out if you will run out of money in case of a crisis.

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Is There A Smarter Way To Distribute Assets?

Volatility in retirement is as much of a risk as buying a bad investment.  When distributing money, you want to have a low risk plan so you'll know where, how and when to take income. Watch this short video on the Bucket Strategy

Which One Of These Situations Describes You?

Selling A Business

Once you convert your equity of your business to cash, do you have a way to create the highest and most efficient income? Use Wiser Retire technology to learn how.

Getting Divorced

If you are expecting a settlement and need to figure out how to either create your own tax efficient income, or just want to double check your advisors, use Wiser Retire technology to learn how.

Changing Jobs

When you change jobs, your 401-k can be rolled over to your new employer.  Use Wiser Retire technology to find out if this is the smart thing to do

Layoff or Downsizing

When you lose your job, your 401-K becomes available. Should you use it, roll it over, or convert to a ROTH? Use Wiser Retire technology to find out.

Already Retired

If you're already retired, do you have a fully automated system to make sure you are getting the highest tax efficient income possible?  Use Wiser Retire technology to find out


When we lose someone we love we may also be faced with big decisions on what to do with the inheritance.  Use Wiser Retire technology to either create your own plan or double check what advisors are telling you.

Lawsuit Settlement

When you win a lawsuit, you have to find a way to put the money to work. Have you created an asset protection plan so your money is protected?  Use Wiser Retire technology to find your weak points.

Sold Real Estate

When you convert assets like real estate or stocks you have to have a plan to reduce the tax and hold onto the most you can.  Use Wiser Retire technology to learn the different ways to create an asset conversion plan.

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What Is A Tax Efficient Income?

Taxes may be one of the biggest expenses you pay over your lifetime. 

Most financial institutions, advisors and even the do-it-yourself investor pays less attention to the net tax effect than they should.  If you have a 8% target rate of return you could net between 6.8% with an efficient distribution plan vs. as low as 4.8%.  That is 2% more in net return without taking more risk.

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Create A Tax Efficient Lifetime Income

You have saved your entire life to create your nest egg.  Now you can learn how to create a tax efficient lifetime income.  It's not always about how much you make, but about how much you keep.

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Who Should Have An Efficient Distribution Plan

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