1929 Crash Lessons

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Beware of the Annuity under Coronavirus Crisis

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Under our Crisis, many people want to go to cash, gold or by an annuity, don't do it before watching this video Click on the read more in the bottom right

Webinar Six Absolute Changes Needed To Trusts

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With the crisis, everyone, young, or old needs to make sure they have the right legal document protection. So much has changed with the lock downs that a lot of what we used to depend on for legal protection, has now changed. Emergency contacts, health care power of attorney, etc.


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Ken Himmler Drives Through Ghost Town Las Vegas

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Market Suffers Worst Week Since The Financial Crisis Of 2008 

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The market just had its worst week since the financial crisis of 2008. How is your portfolio handling the market? Read more to learn why this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Families' Emergency Savings Is Still Abysmally Low, Even With Record Low Unemployment

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Most people do not want to envision a future life with complications. Something as simple as construction on one of the main roads you take to commute to work for example. That construction now adds 10 minutes to your 30 minute commute. So what do you do now that you know that road will...

How A Health Savings Account Can Strengthen Your Retirement Plan

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Do you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? If you do you should read more on what a HSA is and how it can cover costs not only for medical care but for future retirement plans too.

Do You Know What Your Spouse Spends Monthly?

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Do you know how much you spend monthly? How about how much your spouse spends? Knowing what each of you spend, and on what items will help you not only financially but will help strengthen your relationship too.