• The Accumulation Stage

    Life should be about balance and reaching your financial goals!
    With smart decisions and planning, anyone in the U.S. has the ability to be financially free!

The Financial Industry's Biggest Lies!

Over the past 35+ years, since the creation of workplace retirement plans and financial advisors, we  seen and heard just about every lie and false recommendation the financial industry has given.  Here are just a few of the reasons why people fail to accumulate massive wealth.

Put as much as you can into 401-ks and Retirement Plans

This is a ploy by financial institutions to get you to put away funds that are hard to touch.  You may end up paying more in tax to get it your money out than what you would pay now to invest it after tax!

Pay off your debts

Financial Institutions love it when you pay off debt because they can re-loan it (Velocity of Money). You could be losing the opportunity to massive wealth because you are not leveraging the right type of debt over the right period of time. 

Invest as much as you can into stocks while you're in your accumulation stage
It's easier to invest $25.00 in a mutual fund than in an investment property, a business or even in yourself.  You may be better protected and grow wealth faster by using all creative ways of building wealth

Buy insurance or annuities

What happens if you ask an insurance agent if you need insurance? 100% of the time, they will tell you do.   Only insure those risks which you cannot afford to insure on your own. With what you don't spend, invest and build your wealth, not the insurance companies. 

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Biggest Mistakes People Make While Trying To Accumulate Wealth

Not Having A Plan

Statistics show people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do their financial freedom.   Not having a plan is like trying to build a house without a blueprint and just winging it.  Those who fail to plan,  plan to fail.

Following The Crowd

With a 9 second attention span and 80,000 news and media outlets, people are swayed more than ever to follow what the "average person" does.  When over 95% of people fail financially, why do people continue to follow the crowd.  New routes have to be planned as new obstacles and hazards unknown are about to be discovered.  Don't follow the crowd, or you will get what the crowd has, which is financial failure.

Not Tracking and Making Adjustments

Dieters know that they have a 85% better chance of losing weight by having an app or a fitness tracker that tells them if they are on the track. The Wealth Journey is no different -- in today's mobile and busy lifestyle, money decisions and management needs to be automated, tracked and adjusted based on changing times.   Most people haphazardly check different accounts to see if they went up or down This is like  jumping on the weight  scale ever so often, and hoping for the best.


I don't have the time, is the favorite excuse of every American when if comes to planning and charting their financial freedom.  For some, it's because they are afraid of what they will find.  Like any successful person,  when you create a habit, it becomes a discipline which eventually becomes success.  To invite more success, you need to find a simple and easy to use system to allow you to stop your procrastination

 and create great money habits.
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Video Demo of Wiser Retire Online System and Automated Tracking

Learn how to change your future in under 20 minutes.

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How Important Are Taxes In Your Wealth Journey?

Consider that between Federal Tax, FICA Tax, Sales Tax, and for some  State Tax,  you can end up giving away over 65% of what you earn.

Do you think it would make sense on your Wealth Journey to find out how to reduce tax to allow you to build your wealth faster?

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How Important Is Tax Efficiency

Your Wealth Journey begins with holding onto more of what you earn for your future.  While most financial institutions and advisors pass the buck and tell you to go see your accountant, Wiser Retire will help you reduce your tax.

Accumulation Flow

Most financial institutions recommend to invest and max out your 401-K or retirement plan first.  That may be the biggest mistake you'll make.  The main reason this is the favorite  of the  financial institution's recommendations is that they know it's harder to get money out of a retirement plan. This means that you will leave the money in longer allowing them to collect more in fees.  How are you investing your money?  Is is from the right to left, or from the left to right?
Accumulation Flow
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How Important Is Tax Efficiency? 

Taxes will be the biggest expense over your lifetime. For most people, they will pay more in taxes than they will for their homes, raising their children or taking vacations.  Learn why it makes sense to find a system that will reduce your tax expense.

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Do You Still Have Student Loans?

Watch this short video on how to use Wiser Retire to track and systematically rid yourself of student loans.

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Steps To Getting Your Wealth Journey Started!

Step 1 Make A Decision

To start your Wealth Journey to Financial Freedom, you first have to want Financial Freedom.  Simply wishing that you will win the lottery is a fools game.

Step 2 Open a Free Wiser Retire Account

If you many not be ready to hire someone to help you set up a plan, manager your plan, or you already have someone you want to check on.  Open a Free Account to start your Wealth Journey.

Step 3 Create Your Wealth Journey

Use the Free Wiser Retire account to see where you are, what you have to do and the changes that have to be made.  Set up the app to give you regular check ins and tracking alerts

Step 4 Get a Guide

For a low cost, you can get a guide to check your input, your plan and make sure you have mapped it correctly.  An incorrect map only gets you to a different destination, one you may not like.

Step 5 Get an Expert

For those that want someone to guide them through the entire process and give coaching, ask for a professional guide.  We can help search and match a guide that fits you,

A Journey Begins With The First Step

We created this system to eliminate procrastination, cost objections, or distrust of the financial institutions and advisors.  Now you can chart a course to your financial freedom on your own terms.
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What Types Of Advisors Can Help You In Your Wealth Journey

To reach your Wealth Destination, you need guides. Those are Tax People (CPA's or EA's), investment managers, insurance agents and estate planners.  The key is to get them all to work together, which is not how our financial system is set up.  Today - you have to see each person separately and you have to try to put all the pieces together . Hopefully you get it right. 

With Wiser Retire, we help bring all these advisors together under one single communications platform.  Now, with technology, we can create one plan that is coordinated with the expertise from each financial discipline.

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