About Us

Wiser Retire was created by author and financial planner, Kenneth Himmler so that everyone didn't have to be an expert in  taxes, fees, risks, and the order of account distribution. After over 35 years practicing as a financial planner, Ken knew there had to be a better way of helping more people get the information they needed to create a better distribution plan. So he created Wiser Retire so everyone could have easy access to this technology and have a financial expert for even more assistance.

"The financial institutions are in direct conflict with teaching people how to distribute their own money to themselves. The financial institutions charge fees on the amount they have in managed accounts. If all of a sudden people started taking out five, ten, or even fifteen percent more each year, the fees the institutions collect would quickly decline. I wanted to create a platform that would allow people to build a better distribution system and have a choice to do it on their own or have access to an expert for collaboration." -Ken Himmler

Three Published Books

35 Years Experience

5 Certifications