The Six Biggest Financial
Mistakes To Avoid
During This  Pandemic

July 25th 2020
4:00 PM PST

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What we will be covering
The Six Biggest Mistakes

Social Security and Medicare

With the expected bankruptcy of Social Security by 2035 and Medicare now charging based on income - learn what to do to protect your income.

 Do you have a plan to reduce the income based penalties caused by IRA's and passive investments? 

Investment Risk

While there are huge risks and opportunities within the market crash, most advisors and brokers have sat back and told their clients to just hold on.

 What are you doing to protect your downside - just in case there is more risk on the horizon then what we believe?

Protecting Income

Do you absolutely know how sustainable your income is and will be?  Learn the three things that the brokerage companies, financial planners, and investments advisors are not telling people or don't want you to know.  Here is a hint,  it is certainly not to buy an annuity!

Real Estate Crash

Over 8,000,000 mortgages are in forbearance!  What will happen to real estate values in March of 2021.  Learn the two absolute actions you must take now to reduce expense and take advantage of this pending crash.


With over 7 TRILLION dollars of government relief now pumped into the economy,  have your investment advisors restructured your investments to protect against the loss of your purchasing power? 

Massive Retirement Tax

Hyper-Inflation is the sister financial BOMB to the upcoming massive tax increase.  With 7 TRILLION dollars of government relief given out, someone is going to have to pay for it.  What plan do you have to protect against a tax environment like the 1970's with 90% tax rates?

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Why this webinar will be different than any other webinar you have ever attended!

You will learn what your banker and your financial advisor don't want you to know:

  1. Why the financial advisors try to convince you to stay fully invested, even during a market crash
  2. What your bank and mortgage company don't want you to know about taking long term mortgages
  3. Why your brokerage company loves when you trade, even with a no-commission company
  4. How annuity sales people and stock brokers can skirt around the disclosure rules and you'll never know how much you are really paying...... and more
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Your Host
Kenneth Himmler, CEP, CRPC,CAS, CFS, CES, CTS

Ken Himmler started off chasing a professional hockey career and by an early age started in one of the first financial planning firms in the 1980's. After 35 years, as one of the leading advocates for full disclosure and fiduciary advice, Ken has created one of the first online systems to allow people to learn how to protect their income and assets and double check on their advisors.
Ken is a well known public media source for Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Street, and more. Ken is also a published author with three books, as well as, holding multiple copyrights and patents.  During his career, he has been the advisor to some of the wealthiest families in the country and now he brings this expertise, to not only the Wiser Retire System, but to you during this presentation.
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