Welcome To The Paid Set Up

Welcome and How To Start Video

Welcome to the Simple or Advanced Set Up.  We will set up your Wiser Retire Account for you.  There are a few minor actions we need you to take.  Please watch the short video to learn how to get started

Step 1 Expense and Budget Form

Please click on the button below to download the PDF worksheet.  You can decide whether you are going to use the detailed expense format or the simple method.


Step 2 Goal Sheet

Please click on the download button to print the PDF format of our goal setting worksheet.  You can print as many of these as you like.  This worksheet will help you add or remove goals so the goals you set up in Wiser Retire Online will be meaningful


Step 3 Document Checklist

Please click on the download button to receive the PDF of all the documents you will need to pull together. This will help you whether you are using the free plan or the paid set up plan. Either plan will require you to organize your information.


Step 4 Risk Questionnaire

Please click on the button below to download risk questionnaire.  This is important whether you have the free plan or a paid set up plan. The risk questionnaire will guide you through the process of how to detect your true risk tolerance.



How to Set Up Your Vault