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The Most Common Excuses For Not Setting Up A Plan

I Don't Trust The Financial Industry

My experience has been that the Financial Advisors  are only concerned with selling the next product and usually represent a company, and not me.  I have tried to do-it-myself but keep making mistakes.  Experience has been a terrible teacher. 

I Don't Have The Time

As a busy professional and father of two, while I am educated and think I could be good at it, I just don't have the time to be an expert in legal, tax, insurance, and investments. So I just don't do it.

I Don't Understand The Jargon

As a millennial - I'm technologically capable but I just don't understand all the jargon.  I wish I could just have a system that would guide me through each action and decision and keep me on track.  It would be great if it was like my fitness tracker  and let me know what I need to do!

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I Don't Trust Having My Info Online

After having my identity stolen once, I don't trust having my stuff online. I wish I could have a system that would help me without having the risk of someone stealing all my information!

We Already Have An Advisor

We have had an advisor for years. While I think we are doing OK, I know I should be checking what he is doing but I just don't know how! As long as I am alive we'll be OK, but if I die my wife has no idea of how I have set things up.

Getting A Plan Is Too Expensive

I know I should have a plan but they have been too expensive.  I wish there was a more economical way to get a financial and retirement plan so I can spend more money on the things I want and know I'll still be financially secure..

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Financial Planning Is Not Meant For Everyone; Only Those Who Can Afford It. NOW, ALL THAT WILL CHANGE!

Simplify and Automate Your Entire Financial Decision Making and Tracking

Until now, people had to rely on their financial advisors and or do everything themselves.  Now you can use a secure system to fully automate and help you make


I'm In The Accumulation Stage

If you are still in the "People At Work" phase and trying to grow and accumulate assets,  you are in the Accumulation Stage.   This is not age dependent as you might have been lead to believe. 

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I'm In The Distribution Stage

If you have switched from the "People At Work" to the "Money At Work" phase, you are now in the Distribution Stage.  This is not age dependent as you might have been lead to believe. 

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I Want To 
Do It Myself
For Free

Want to take a test drive first or do it all yourself?

We have a free account.

I Want Help 
Setting It Up 

Don't like setting up online systems or need a little help getting it just right?

We have the data entry experts to help you.

I Want Help Maintaining It

Don't want to 

maintain your plan? 

We have the experts to maintain your plan, as well as, to send you ongoing status and goal achievement reports to keep you on track.

I Don't Want To 
Deal With Any Of It

Don't want to deal 

with any of it?

Our experts will enter all the data for you and help you find an advisor, while still using our world class technology to simplify and oversee your advisors actions.

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A Different Plan To Fit Each Person

Everyone is different. Some want to do everything themselves, others want help, while some want everything done for them.

The Do-It-Yourself Free Account

Wiser Retire Free

Completely free and no strings attached.  If you are a do-it-yourself-er, you can get a free log in, set up your plan, and run all of your own analyses. You'll find that no other tool will give you the ability to run this type of plan on your own.  You'll get insight and be able to calculate and test different scenarios to find a way to maximize your distribution income.  The other benefit is should anything ever happen to you, your spouse and or children would have one single place where all of your finances are organized and simplified.  

You can always upgrade to a 

Data Assist Plan or a Full Managed Plan in  the future

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The "I Don't Trust Anyone" Wiser Retire Account 

Wiser Retire
Data Assisted Set Up

For those people who do not want or trust financial advisors - this plan is for you.  It is also for those of you who dislike or don't want to spend the time setting up the software. A data expert will set up the system for you for a small fee.  If you want to double check your financial advisor's recommendations for accuracy or simply have a data expert run what-if scenarios, this is  a low cost way of finding the best methods to potentially increase your distribution income, reduce tax and risk, or just simplify your financial life.

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The "I don't want to have to maintain or keep the system up to date" plan.

Wiser Retire
Data Maintenance Plan

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I would like a professional Financial Planner to set up my plan and give me personalized coaching.

Wiser Retire
Fully Managed Plan

If you are the type of person who wants to have an expert set up your plan and talk with a licensed financial planner, we will find you a match. Simply click on the button and fill out the short request and we will match you with a compatible planner.  

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All investment advice offered through H&H Retirement Design and Management, Inc and not through Wiser Retire, LLC, please see all disclosures and Form ADV II

What Will This Technology Do? 

1) Create Automatic Budgets

Why fumble with account statements or wasting all that time manually creating and maintaining a budget? You have better things to do in life. Once you open your Wiser Retire Account and connect your financial accounts, an automated budget is created and updated daily.

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2) Create Your Life Goals

After you create your budget, you can enter your financial goals.  Your goals should be specific down to the dollar amount and when you want the goal. Your goal could be something you strive to have, or as simple as protecting what you already have. 

Create Your Goals Now

3) Let the Technology Figure Out Your Best Distribution Strategy

Now that you have your goals in the system, it's time to let the technology show you the different ways to reach your goals. You can compare, then select the best methods to improve your financial future.  

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4) Set Your Plan On Autopilot

After you have selected your distribution plan and placed it into action - let the technology do all the maintenance! Everyday your financial data is automatically downloaded and you can view the progress towards your goals.  If your plan gets off track, the technology will let you know so you can adjust.

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"Those who fail to plan, are planning to fail." 
-Benjamin Franklin

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